Tom Beresford

Tom Beresford (photo by Feleesha Jones)

When I was a kid, my Dad always had a nice vegetable garden. When I was old enough, he tilled a place for me to have for my own – and so it began.

Now retired, my family helps me keep vegetables on the table all summer with root vegetables lasting until past Thanksgiving.

The garden is big enough that neighbors appreciate “The Garden Man” peddling (free) produce around the neighborhood.

Tom Beresford

The neighbors are not the only ones who enjoy the results of Tom’s garden. In the spring, when the peas come in, Tom uses The Food Channel’s recipe for Cold Pea Soup. It was a hit with his local gourmet club!

Onions (photo by Feleesha Jones)
Beets (photo by Feleesha Jones)
Cabbage (photo by Feleesha Jones)
Hops (photo by Feleesha Jones)
Tom’s “Magic Pumpkin” – when it’s small he carves his grand-daughters name into the skin of the pumpkin, as it grows, her name appears! (photo by Tom Beresford)
Beautiful Eggplants!! (photo Tom Beresford)
A cucumber pyramid! (photo by Tom Beresford)