Sustainability Major

Wells College has one of the few Sustainability majors in the country that is based in the Social Sciences. The science is there, we are clearly deep into the Anthropocene. The planet is getting hotter and we see clear evidence of climate change: the western United States are seeing record high temperatures, and storms are more frequent and more damaging. Our program recognizes that the natural sciences are necessary for understanding this, but it focuses on what’s next. How do we survive this? How do we sustain the planet? How do we create a more equitable world? How do we stay motivated and positive while dealing with massive issues of critical importance? How do we imagine a new world? Where do we find the resilience to carry on? These are the kinds of questions our program focuses on, questions that cannot be answered by one discipline alone.

Our program draws on a transdisciplinary approach where we do not speak over one another, but we speak across disciplines to create solutions to difficult problems.