Kay Burkett

Okra (photo Agiee Otterbein)

Kay Burkett makes a few changes to The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for fried okra (The Pioneer Woman has some tips for keeping okra less “slimy”). She uses 1 1/4 cup flour and 1/4 cup cornmeal. She also replaces the salt with Verduras! Allepo salt available at the Aurora Farmer’s Market, for a spicy kick!

Kay Burkett’s Fried Okra (photo by Kay Burkett)
Kale, Swiss Chard, Marigold and Nasturtium (photo Angiee Otterbein)
Swiss Chard (photo Angiee Otterbein)
Lavender (photo Angiee Otterbein)
Along the Rock Wall (photo Angiee Otterbein)
Succulents in the Rock Wall (photo Angiee Otterbei)
Dusty Miller, Mint, Iris and Succulents (photo Angiee Otterbein)
Iris and lamb’s Ear (photo Angiee Otterbein)n
Hollyhock (photo Angiee Otterbein)