and the project continues!

Olson and McClusky will be holding an Open Discussion session at the 82nd meetings of the Society for Applied Anthropology in Salt Lake City, March 23rd. We hope to come back with fresh ideas and new energy, and plans for next summer’s Kitchen + Garden Project!

Angiee Otterbein’s Photo Tips

The link above will lead you to a short document written and compiled by Angiee Otterbein, Wells College Arts major who participated in the summer research 2021. She’ll graduate this coming May. Her photos are peppered throughout this website and blog. And they are excellent!

How Does Your Garden Grow?: Public Presentation of the Summer Research

Feleesha, Angiee and Jimmy were happy to present their research to the public on November 11. We had a great turn-out of gardeners, students, faculty and others who joined us both in person and on-line. You can download the PowerPoint presentation here (you’ll need Microsoft’s PowerPoint software to view it) And here’s a link toContinue reading “How Does Your Garden Grow?: Public Presentation of the Summer Research”

Moving Right Along

Haven’t posted for a bit as we took a little break for some summer vacation, but we’re back with a little update. Angie Otterbein has been busy editing photos. Her shots are beautiful! You’ll see them throughout the website as it exists right now, but we’ll post more as the work continues. Right now theContinue reading “Moving Right Along”

The Work Continues!

Angiee, Feleesha and James are nearly finished interviewing the 12 participants of the first leg of the project! Next step is analysis of the data they collected while simultaneously populating this blog/website with bits of collected information, including visual data (i.e. photos). We’ve begun to replace some of the “place holder” visual images on thisContinue reading “The Work Continues!”

Interviewing Begins!

James Stover, Feleesha Jones and Angiee Otterbein have begun contacting the list of people who made use of Wells College’s Seed Exchange and have begun interviews! They are uploading photos and transcripts and videos to a shared Google Drivee for the research project. Stay tuned for some glimpses of their data and a few thoughtsContinue reading “Interviewing Begins!”

Ethics Review

Our proposal has been reviewed by Wells College’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) and we are excited to begin research! The student researchers are now going through the CITI training so they can understand the ins and outs of the ethics of research. It’s important to be sure your research causes no harm to anyone participating.Continue reading “Ethics Review”

What Is This Project About??

Starting in June 2021, two Wells College faculty members (Ernie Olson and Laura McClusky) and the Director of Sustainability (Marian Brown), began a research project on gardening and cooking in Southern Cayuga. We received a small research grant from Wells College to investigate local gardeners’ approaches to gardening, and how they might use the vegetablesContinue reading “What Is This Project About??”

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