Moving Right Along

Haven’t posted for a bit as we took a little break for some summer vacation, but we’re back with a little update. Angie Otterbein has been busy editing photos. Her shots are beautiful! You’ll see them throughout the website as it exists right now, but we’ll post more as the work continues. Right now the plan is to get the Research Participant profiles seeded (excuse the pun) with photos, quotes, a few video clips, etc. later we’ll organize them better and hopefully, caption them more fully. I’ve just posted some photos of Mary Anne Littlejohn’s garden. You can see some of Angie’s photos there. We also have pages for Amy Torea, June Losurdo, Tom Beresford and Kay Burkett. Take a look and enjoy the photos! Let us know what you think.

Feleesha is in the process of wrestling with the video editing software. As she was recording the interviews, she found that the camera batteries would last about a 1/2 hour each. What we didn’t know was that the transcription software will only process videos 15 minutes or shorter! So she’s breaking the videos into upload-able clips.

James has been busy doing more of the participant part of participant-observation as he has been busy with his summer job of working in landscaping. What is landscaping if not gardening!

Research is slow, always slower than you anticipate, but it progresses!

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