The Work Continues!

Angiee, Feleesha and James are nearly finished interviewing the 12 participants of the first leg of the project! Next step is analysis of the data they collected while simultaneously populating this blog/website with bits of collected information, including visual data (i.e. photos).

We’ve begun to replace some of the “place holder” visual images on this site with photos the students have taken in the participants gardens starting with the Cover page and the Research page. Previous photos were primarily from Laura McClusky’s photo albums of gardening and food related images. While all participants allowed us to use any images the students took, we’re double checking just to be sure and to inform participants that this web presence is ready for viewing.

We hope to profile the 12 participants on the page titled Research Participants (it’s under Research). Little by little bits and pieces will appear, and we’ll make a blog entry to inform folks that something is new. We’ll be contacting participants to approve all the content in the profiles before we post. So the process may take awhile. Remember that Ethics blog entry! Consent is essential to good research, both because it is the right thing to do, and because it assures greater accuracy.

Meanwhile, the students will be looking over the interview data and begin the process of sorting the data into themes or categories of interest. These will vary according to each of their interests and the richness of the data. You should hear from them soon as they make blog entries in the next few weeks.

We are thankful to all the participants who spend time with us!

Feleesha Jones and Angiee Otterbein interviewing Rebecca Ruggles (photo by James Stover)

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