Interviewing Begins!

James Stover, Feleesha Jones and Angiee Otterbein have begun contacting the list of people who made use of Wells College’s Seed Exchange and have begun interviews! They are uploading photos and transcripts and videos to a shared Google Drivee for the research project. Stay tuned for some glimpses of their data and a few thoughts about where the research is headed.

Qualitative research is a little different than what most people think of as research. Instead of testing hypotheses, it let’s the data speak and since the data is primarily interviews in this case, it, in a sense let’s the participants speak. Qualitative researchers have general questions they ask, and refine those questions as they examine their data. It is a process that provides a very robust analysis. Right now the data is flowing in, but we need a little more of it before we start coding and searching for themes. So stay tuned!

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